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When creating this website, we wanted to give you the perfect place to meet like minded British Muslims. To help you on your journey to love & happiness here are a few reasons why we believe that you should join us:


Muslim&Single is a site that solely aims to bring together Muslims from all over the U.K.

Begin your journey

Our belief is that in life, love is very important to future happiness and our number one aim is for all our users to find that inshallah. Begin your future here and start that journey towards marriage.

Genuine profiles

We personally check each & every profile and photo to ensure that only genuine profiles are allowed on the site.

Online safety

The safety of our members is paramount, we never share your details with anyone and that is why our site is 100% secure. Our safety features provide you with an environment in which you feel safe and secure for you to enjoy the full benefits of the site.


We understand half of your deen is to get married but appreciate that you want to meet someone that you are compatible with. When creating this site we have given you a platform where you can discuss your deen with someone or simply share your passion for cars or sports, it’s up to you.

Dedicated customer service

At Muslim&Single we have a dedicated customer service team that is based within the UK. We want to give our customers a personal service and don’t believe you get that when you are sent to an automated service or even diverted half way around the world.

Our blog

We want to give you that little extra to enhance your experience with us, that’s why we created our blog. You will be able to receive regular tips, advice, information and all our latest news in one single easy to access place.




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