Online Safety

Your safety is important to us & that is why we have put together some important advice for you on how to keep yourself safe & to get the most out of Muslim&Single.

Keep personal details to yourself...

It is best to avoid giving out any of your personal details online including telephone numbers, email addresses, home address. It is safer to message through the site as this can ensure your complete safety & anonymity. We only suggest that you exchange telephone numbers once you feel 100% confident & comfortable in doing so.

Love does not cost a thing

If a member asks you for money, or asks you to get involved in a business scheme online warning bells should ring. The site is aimed at introducing members to one another for the intention of helping you find true love & happiness, but when someone asks you for financial assistance then they are more than likely to not be genuine. If you ever discover a member acting in such a way, please inform us.

Safety features

We want you to feel safe at all times, that is why the site has features which allow you to block members & report them to us.

That niggling feeling

If something does not feel quite right about a user, what they say does not add up, then trust that gut feeling & trust yourself to make the right decision.

First meeting

When you have finally made the decision to meet another member in person. Follow these simple steps to stay safe.

  • Tell someone where you going.
  • Arrange to meet in a public place.
  • Arrange to meet at the venue & not at your home.
  • Take a mobile phone in case you need to contact a family member or friends for help or advice.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel that something is not quite right then make your excuses and leave.




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